This Hawaii retreat is scheduled for May, 2015. It is a week-long playful, adventurous, profound and intimate exploration focused on awakening the mind to the Heart’s truth, so that the uniquely creative, happy, powerful and authentic Self may be expressed fully in this Lifetime. Held at Kalani Retreat Center on The Big Island of Hawaii, this retreat is a safe container for participants to explore, play, adventure and make life-altering discoveries.

Specifically, Hope Johnson leads daily meditation and Wisdom Dialogues to help her guests get in touch with their powerful, fearless and joyful aspect. Discoveries in this regard are the seeds that lead to deepening clarity with respect to personal relationships, physical health, mental well-being, creative outlets, career path, and all other aspects of being human.

Hope is passionate about having fun and inspiring others on their journey of discovering the lighter side of life. She is a local to the Big Island, Hawaii where she lives surrounded by beautiful gardens that are inspired by Feng Shui and faery spirits. As part of the Hawaii retreat, she takes her guests to visit her gardens so that they may get in touch with their carefree nature.

To learn more about Hope Johnson, please visit and follow her on Facebook.

The schedule for the retreat includes daily yoga and other movement activities such as dance and Kirtan. There is also an average of one outing scheduled per day to explore the beautiful environment and eclectic community gatherings surrounding the retreat center.

In the spirit of Love, we come together to expose false limitations while celebrating the fullness of Life. We will be playing with various forms of movement such as yoga and dance, basking, relaxing and exploring beautiful tropical settings, eating delicious chef-inspired meals, taking island adventures and creating through art and music.

No experience is necessary. We welcome people from all walks of life, with any degree of spiritual understanding to join us for this amazingly powerful retreat experience.