The Awakening Retreat scheduled for October, 2014 is a week-long playful, intensive and intimate exploration focused on awakening the mind to the Heart’s truth, so that the uniquely creative, happy, powerful and authentic Self may be expressed fully in this Lifetime. Held at Kalani Retreat Center on The Big Island of Hawaii, this retreat is a safe container for participants to explore, play, adventure and make life-altering discoveries.

Specifically, we will explore how all relationships reflect the individual’s One relationship with Life. Discoveries in this regard can result in immediate and lasting clarity with respect to all personal relationships, physical health, mental well-being, creative outlets, career path, and all other aspects of being human. In the spirit of Love, we come together to expose false limitations while celebrating the fullness of Life.

We will be playing with various forms of movement such as yoga and dance, basking and relaxing in beautiful tropical settings, eating delicious chef-inspired meals, taking island adventures and creating through art and music. No experience is necessary. We welcome people from all walks of life, with any degree of spiritual understanding to join us for this amazingly powerful retreat experience.


Physical Awareness: Vinyasa Yoga,Breathing Exercises, and Playful Ceremony!
Activities such as these help to cultivate a
healthy relationship with the body,
commitment and one pointed focus. Our yoga
practice will be led by Kristen Coyle, a
Dharma trained yogini who will design our
practice in a way that helps to prepare the
body to assimilate the information being
presented that day!
Kapoho-Tide Mental Awareness: Group explorations
of habitual mental patterns!
We will meet daily in group circle with the
purpose of revealing what has been
hidden, and is no ready to come to the
surface. It’s true that when two or more
are gathered together for a common
purpose, the Universe responds. ! !In this case, we are asking for
consciousness of the thoughts that are
presently playing out in the unconscious mind. This is a powerful awareness
because when unconscious thinking is
observed consciously, what no longer
serves our highest and best interest can no
longer influence our lives.!
Creative Awareness: Dance, Intuitive Art,
Drum Circle, Ceremony!
These activities help tap into the limitless
source of creative energy. When creative
energy is allowed to flow, everything we put
our attention on proves to be a blessing.
Adventure: Hiking, Snorkeling, Warm
Ponds, Black Sand Beach!
As no Hawaii retreat would be complete
without some adventure, Hope uses these
intimate outings as an opportunity to
connect with Hawaiian culture, plant and nature spirits, and one another. Adventure is a
great way to relax the mind, invigorate the body and renew the spirit.!