Retreat Facilitators

Spiritual-guidance-retreatHope Johnson

Hope Johnson is an intuitive, loving and carefree individual who has experienced total life transformation by following the voice of wisdom that speaks through her.

When hope first recognized that voice, she felt victimized and experience conflict in All of her relationships, she felt overworked, under appreciated and generally miserable.

While Hope still has a family, a business, plenty of friends and a robust schedule of activities, the tension and conflict between herself and other people has been totally dissolved, and her work and day to day activities are performed with beauty, passion, purpose, inspiration and love.

She is very open about her personal experiences of awakening, easily accessible and available to participants on her retreats and beyond.

Hope offers no specific teaching or philosophy. She offers herself a testament to the power of Spirit over all perceived limitations. Hope will be present with the group while on excursions, during most activities, during meals, by the pool, etc.

Many of Hope’s online sharings can be found at on her Facebook Page.



Jill was born with an intuitive gift and a desire to be of service. At a young age she was sought out as a confidant and adviser. Throughout the years, Jill discovered that everyone had, within themselves, the abilities they needed to resolve their problems.

So she began focusing on helping people uncover their inner wisdom in order to empower them to become masters of their own wellbeing. With deep trust in her Guidance, Jill brings her experience, complete attention, full-bodied focus and keen intuition to every situation.

She offers a loving, compassionate, nonjudgmental environment to foster true and deep sharing. Jill presents new perspectives and possibilities that often open the way to empowerment, change, renewal, and inspiration.

Jill will be sharing creative, playful and artistic activities that inspire increased awareness and awakening to the highest Truth.